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International wire transfers

Wiring money internationally was never so easy or low-cost

Making an international wire transfer can often be a difficult process. International transfer fees are usually high by using banks and you can expect long delays to send money to an international supplier. Money Guide Ireland offers the cheapest and fastest international wire transfer service.

If your company makes foreign exchange payments, contact our FX payments team today to get a live exchange rate and to compare our international payment service with your bank for free.

Why use Money Guide Ireland to make an international wire transfer?

  • Better exchange rates
  • Lower international transfer fees
  • Faster international wire transfers
  • Free online FX payment platform allowing you to book rates live
  • Excellent customer service


How to wire transfer internationally with TransferMate?


1. Open an account with TransferMate in seconds.

Select your payees and simply enter the amount you need to pay them.

2. View live exchange rates and fees instantly.

See how much more competitive we are then using your bank.

3. View confirmation that your payment has been booked.

Your payees will also receive a confirmation email that your payment has been booked and when it will be received.

4. Funds transferred to your payees.

Payments are always faster than using the bank with payments generally arriving same day or next day.

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