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Transfer Money to Hong Kong

Do you need to make a bank transfer to Hong Kong in HK Dollars?

If you are a company sending money to Hong Kong bank account to pay HKD invoices to suppliers, TransferMate can save you money on your international bank transfer to Hong Kong thanks to our better HKD exchange rates and lower transfer fees than banks.

With TransferMate, you can now pay your HKD invoices to Hong Kong fast, securely and with better exchange rates!

It is quick and free to compare us to your bank! You just need to call one of our Money Transfers to Hong Kong specialists on +353 1 6353776 or you can open an account online now for free by clicking here.

What information do I need to make a bank transfer to Hong Kong?

To send money to Hong Kong, you will need to provide the following beneficiary details:

  • Bank Name in Hong Kong
  • Beneficiary Name
  • Account Number
  • SWIFT Code

Your beneficiary in Hong Kong can provide you with those details. If you are transferring money to your own bank account in Hong Kong, you can obtain those details from your bank.

How long does it take to transfer money to Hong Kong using TransferMate?

With our local client accounts, our system allows you to send money to Hong Kong faster than your banks. TransferMate can send your payment to Hong Kong in just 24 hours. You need to transfer your funds locally to our accredited client account and as soon as we receive your funds, we send your HK dollars (HKD) directly from our accredited account in Hong Kong to your beneficiary in Hong Kong in HK Dollars.

What are the benefits of using TransferMate to send money to Hong Kong?

  • Lower transfer fees
  • Much better EUR/HKD, USD/HKD, GBP/HKD and more exchange rates than any other provider.
  • Faster money transfers.
  • Secure system, you can verify our regulations by clicking here.
  • Member of the SWIFT payment system.
  • An online payment platform available 24/7 to book a rate.
  • Open an account for free, quickly and without commitments.
  • A friendly team of money transfer specialists available to answer your questions over the phone or by live chat.

Who makes payments to Hong Kong in HKD with TransferMate?

Our clients making HKD payments to Hong Kong are importers, wholesalers, furniture importers, electronic suppliers, IT companies, catering equipment suppliers and any company making a payment to a supplier in Hong Kong is HK Dollars.

  • On time, right amount, no extra or hidden charges. I will be using from now on for all my money transfers.

    Gillian Conway